How To ROCK Your Engagement Photos

Your best friend just popped the question and you’re engaged!

Yay Congratulations!!

I’m so excited for you guys!! So, what’s next?

The best way to celebrate this incredible milestone is engagement photos!


The most important thing about your engagement shoot is being yourself! This shoot is supposed to highlight your love for each other and show off your awesome personalities! Pick outfits that compliment your aesthetic! If you pick something that isn’t ‘you’ or that makes you feel uncomfortable, trust me it’ll show in the photos and you don’t want that!

So, I have some fun tips for you to help you along the way!


Dress to Impress: You know when you and your man decide to jazz it up a bit and go on a date night? You feel all excited getting ready, putting on your favorite sweater and he his favorite sneakers and you guys stop and say “dang we are cute!”? That is the vibe we are going for! You know best what makes you feel good so always go with that option versus some random look you saw in a magazine or on Pinterest! Choose something that leaves you feeling beautiful before you even step in front of the camera! When you’re getting your photos done, your only thoughts should be “I am so incredibly in love with this amazing human” and not “Does this dress make my arms look bad”!


Solids or Simple Patterns are your Best Friend: Don’t go crazy with the prints and patterns. Solid earthy tones or simple stripes/florals are the most flattering looks to go with, especially with my editing style!


Dress for the Season: You will have so many regrets if you show up to your session in the middle of summer in a thick sweater. Sweat stains and melting makeup will be the only thing we focus on and that’s no fun and that’s just as bad as getting frostbite in the dead of winter, wearing a mini skirt haha. Come prepared rain or shine, cold or hot, and be comfortable!!


Hat's and layering are a huge YESSS in my book!


Talk with your photographer about the locations you will be shooting at so they can give you specific recommendations. I love doing engagement sessions at the waterfalls, ocean, Mountains, Forest, Coffee shops, and Urban sessions in the city. I will always help you with a location and help you style your outfits if you feel lost!


Makeup and Hair: Your engagement session should feel like a day full of love and pampering! So, treat yourself! Take the stress of getting ready off your shoulders and hire a professional to get you looking your best, and bonus point- they know what looks great on camera! Better yet, if you plan on getting make-up and hair done for your wedding, make this your trial run! You will not regret it, especially when you see your photos after and you look fiercer than Beyoncé!!


Are you ready for an Adventure?


I hope these tips got you excited and ready to rock your engagement session!! 

If you’re ready to book now and celebrate your awesomeness – CLICK HERE! 


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